Quick reads

** The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is moving to ban a toxic chemical that is used in cleaning and has become infamous for health effects, including cancer The EPA on Monday morning announced that it would propose a ban on trichloroethylene (TCE), which is used in making refrigerants and in dry cleaning.

** The White House on Tuesday announced the release of roughly $3.7 billion in funding for the program known as the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program which aims to help lower-income households afford their home heating costs.

** California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) reinforced his state’s commitment to collaborating with China on climate issues on the first day of his trip to the country on Monday.

** Negotiations over the Biden administration’s proposal for how to set up a new international climate fund did not go so well this weekend. Countries could not agree on where the so-called loss and damage fund should be housed or how the money should be allocated.

** Li-Cycle Holdings Corp., which is set to receive significant backing from the Biden administration, saw its share price slashed nearly in half after announcing it would pause construction on a first-of-its-kind lithium-ion-battery recycling plant.

**   founded Hess Corp. with a secondhand truck delivering fuel oil during the depression. Ninety years later, his son, John Hess, has agreed to sell the US oil producer to Chevron Corp. in a deal that crystallizes the value of the stake controlled by the family at about $5 billion.

** The governor of California opened a week-long trip to China on Monday with an assurance that his state will always be a partner on climate issues no matter how the U.S. presidential election turns out next year.



** Global demand for oil will reach its peak this decade, the International Energy Agency predicted for the first time, amid growing popularity of electric cars and the cooling of China’s economy.

** About 540 workers at Gold One International Ltd.’s Modder East mine in South Africa have been prevented from returning to the surface by labor-union members after a dispute over recognition, according to a company spokesman.

** The Chinese government is leveraging green energy companies in an effort to create technological dependencies and “achieve strategic, political, and intelligence advantages” over the U.S., according to a sprawling new report.

** Damage to a Baltic Sea gas pipeline earlier this month is believed to have been caused by a ship dragging a large anchor along the seabed, but it was too early to tell if this was an accident or a deliberate act, Finnish police said on Tuesday.

** Prime Minister  and his cabinet are planning a multibillion-dollar loan program to help Indigenous groups in Canada buy equity in resource projects. But the government is still debating whether to include the oil and gas sector within it.