Critics fight one of the proposed hydrogen hubs


While Oklahoma awaits a federal government decision on which proposed “hydrogen hubs” will be chosen to share in nearly $8 billion in startup money, one of the 79 sites that applied has drawn opposition from environmentalists who contend it will only increase electricity prices for consumers and businesses.

Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana applied to create one of the hydrogen hubs but the government decision has yet to be announced. It is anticipated the announcement will come sometime this fall. The U.S. Department of Energy indicated last year it would fund six to 10 of the regional hubs where hydrogen would be produced, stored and used as an alternative fuel for industry, transportation and power generation.

An Appalachian site has drawn critical opposition and those fighting the hub contend it would not be cost-effective and the benefits of the hubs have been overstated. No such opposition has surfaced in the proposed hub for Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

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