Rep. Bice—Bidenomics isn’t working


Extreme gas prices and skyrocketing inflation. It’s why Oklahoma congresswoman Stephanie Bice states bluntly, “Bidenomics isn’t working.”

In her weekly column, the Republican Representative said because of how poorly the economy is performing under President Biden, it’s critcal for Senate Democrats and the President to act on the House-approved “Lower the Energy Costs Act.”

The measure puts a halt on what Bice called ” the President’s full-on assault on domestic energy.”

Rep. Bice’s column follows:

It cannot be denied that over the last three years, no matter where you go, prices have risen. This fact contradicts what the President says when he touts “Bidenomics”, his economic philosophy. But working Americans are not buying the Bidenomics plan. They feel the budgetary pain caused by the President’s policies every day, which include spending trillions of dollars and drastically increasing the size of the federal government. Hardworking Oklahomans know this is not a recipe for success.

Since President Biden took office, we have seen two-decade-high mortgage rates, skyrocketing inflation, and extreme gas prices. In fact, Bidenomics has cost the average American family an extra $709 a month compared to two years ago. These costs are having significant long-term impacts on our economy. According to a new report from the Federal Reserve Bank in New York, American’s credit card debt levels have passed one trillion dollars. The economic policies of this administration are unsustainable. Yet, Biden continues to double down.

Each day, I hear from Oklahomans who want Congress to focus on fighting inflation, promoting policies that end unnecessary regulations and lowering taxes on farmers, ranchers, and oil and gas producers. However, for all the progress the President claims to have made regarding job creation and the unemployment rate, many American are failing to see it. House Republicans continue to stand alone in our fight to pass legislation that addresses these issues and gets our country back on track.

Earlier this year, House Republicans passed H.R. 1, the Lower the Energy Costs Act, which puts a halt on the President’s full-on assault on domestic energy. The bill will increase domestic energy production, reform the burdensome permitting processes, and streamline energy infrastructure and exports. It is crucial that Senate Democrats and President Biden act on this plan and stop pushing anti-American energy policies.

To restore fiscal sanity in Washington, House Republicans passed the Fiscal Responsibility Act, which was signed into law by President Biden. This was the largest claw back of unspent federal funds in history, and the Congressional Budget Office predicts this legislation will reduce the deficit by $2.1 trillion. Specifically, this legislation reins in executive overreach, slashes funding for Biden’s new IRS agents, and protects our seniors, veterans, and America’s national security. We also reasserted the legislative authority of Congress with the passage of the REINS Act of 2023. This legislation would prevent excessive overreach by the executive branch in the federal rulemaking process and require that every new “major rule” proposed by federal agencies be approved by both the House and Senate before going into effect.

The truth is that while inflation has gone down, it is still higher than when President Biden took office. American families are feeling the pain in their wallets. Bidenomics isn’t working, and we must reverse course. Americans deserve better.

Source: Bice press release