More than 3,600 barrels of oil a day from four Garvin County wells


Four Garvin County wells on a single pad produced more than 3,600 barrels of oil a day for CPRP Services LLC  of Oklahoma City when they were completed in May and June.

The reports on the four wells were filed this week with Oklahoma regulators, showing the site was 30 3N 3W, just east of the community of Purdy or several miles south of Lindsay. The Torero wells had combined production of 3,616 barrels of oil a day.

The Torero 0303 19-18 3wxh was the largest producer with 1,089 barrels a day and 4,654 Mcf of natural gas from the Woodford formation and at a drilled depth of 22,460 feet. Spud in November of 2022, the well had a true vertical depth of 11,543 feet and was completed June 2, 2023 according to the completion report.

Drilled on the same pad, the Torero 0303 19-18-2wxh had production of 975 barrels of oil and 2,318 Mcf of natural gas a day, also from the Woodford formation. Drilled depth was listed at 23,027 ft and the completion report showed a true vertical depth of 11,686 feet. The well also had a November 2022 spud date.

The third well, the Torero 0303 19-18-4wxh, had production of 949 barrels of oil and 2,486 Mcf of natural gas a day from the Woodford formation following a November 2022 spud. The drilled depth was 23,097 feet while the completion report indicated a true vertical depth of 11,358 feet.

Torero 0303 19-18-5wxh produced 603 barrels of oil a day and 2,744 Mcf of natural gas from a drilled depth of 22,567 feet in the Woodford. True vertical depth, according to the completion report was 11,353 feet and the well was completed May 31, 2023.




Camino Natural Resources Llc
Springer(13075): Oil 502 Gas 1968 Water 1859 Flow
36 7N 7W Golden Driller 0707 25-24-2umxh, May 23, 2023
HH, OIL, TD: 22207 ft
Lat: 35.04287, Long: -97.88414 API: 35051249740000