Continental Resources reports 1,800 barrel production off two Ratliff City wells


Southern Oklahoma exploration by Continental Resources paid off earlier this year with a two-well, single-pad effort that resulted in 1,800 barrels of oil a day.

The two Courbet wells, completed in February and March of 2023, are located about one mile north of Raliff City in Carter County at 22 1S 3W .

The Courbet 15-22-9xhm, with a drlled depth of 15,747 feet and a true vertical depth of 7,956 feet, was the largest producer with 1,487 barrels of oil a day along with 2,071 Mcf of natural gas. The completion report showed the well was spud in September of 2022. Completion was reported as February 26, 2023.

The smaller welll, the Courbet 14-22-9xhm, produced 310 barrels of oil a day and 517 Mcf of natural gas when completed March 9, 2023. Its drilled depth was 19,910 feet and the completion report showed a true vertical depth of 7,980 feet following a November 2022 spud.

Combined production from the two wells off the single pad was 1,797 barrels of oil a day.

McClain County was the site of another significant producer—the Warhawk 0631 5h, located at 7 9N 4W, a site about 3 miles northwest of Newcastle. It produced 983 barrels of oil and 1,217 Mcf of natural gas a day when completed April 25, 2023. The drilled depth was 20,392 feet while the true vertical depth, according to the completion report, was 8,823 feet. The well was spud in mid-January 2023.