City of Wichita to take stand against Evergy’s latest rate hike proposal


One of the major cities in Kansas is set to take a vote on a stand against a proposed rate hike from Evergy.

The city council in Wichita will consider a resolution Tuesday condemning the rate hike which would mean another $14.42 on average a month to customers’ energy bills.

The Wichita Eagle reported the resolution says such an increase would “impair economic growth, sustainaility and the common benefit for the city of Wichita and its residents.”

Evergy’s rate hike request still needs approval of the Kansas Corporation Commission, but if approved, it would allow the collection of another $218.4 million a year through a 9.77% increase.

“It’s a rate increase that no one can afford right now with the high cost of everything else,” District 5 council member Bryan Frye said, reported the Eagle.

“From groceries to fuel to rent, mortgages and property taxes — everyone’s hurting.”

Councilman Frye said Wichita cannot absorb such a prive hike, explaining it would cost the city an estimated 8.3% more for lighting and public utilities.