Tallgrass and Korea Western Power team up to advance South Korea’s clean energy goals

Tallgrass and Korea Western Power Team Up to Advance South Korea's Clean  Energy Goals | Business Wire


Kansas City’s Tallgrass Energy has agreed with Korea Western Power to develop green hydrogen production, a process that makes hydrogen from renewable energy and electrolysis.

The agreement covers the development of gigawatt scale green hydrogen and ammonia production. This announcement builds on a previous memorandum of understanding Tallgrass executed with Intersect Power, a leading clean energy provider, to jointly develop green hydrogen for export to Asia as ammonia.

KOWEPO expects to convert this green hydrogen to clean ammonia, using Tallgrass infrastructure, to support South Korean decarbonization and the broader global demand for clean energy supply.

In July 2022, Tallgrass, KOWEPO and Hanwha PSM signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly develop a hydrogen co-firing gas-turbine project in the United States. This new agreement is an extension of the well-established relationship between KOWEPO and Tallgrass on global decarbonization initiatives.

The agreement marks the first instance of a Korean company promoting green hydrogen and ammonia production in the U.S. and has been advanced by U.S. government initiatives like the Inflation Reduction Act, which strengthens domestic clean energy production and U.S. global leadership in the energy transition.

“As we heard during President Yoon’s visit to the White House last month, our two nations are collaborating in all the areas that matter most – and there is no more urgent priority than all of us joining forces to address the climate crisis,” said Vincent Follaca, Vice President of International Development at Tallgrass.

KOWEPO plans to expand domestic Korean renewable energy capacity to 10.7 GW by 2035, raising the renewable power generation rate from 7% currently, to 23%. To this end, from 2030, 200,000 tons of hydrogen and one million tons of ammonia will be used annually as co-firing fuels in KOWEPO power plants.

“It is essential to produce and procure clean hydrogen and ammonia from overseas to meet the government’s carbon neutral goals and boost the hydrogen economy. The United States allows us to preemptively secure competitive and reliable clean hydrogen and ammonia supplies with established clean fuel support policies” said Kang Se-hoon, Head of the Overseas New Business Division at Korea Western Power.

Source: PR News Wire