More Tesla layoffs


The layoffs are growing at Tesla.

The company revealed this week it intends to lay off 601 employees in California. Tesla filed a notice to state government.

It’s the latest after CEO Elon Musk indicated last month his company would lay off more than 10% of its global workforce. Last year, the company employment totaled more than 140,000 workers.

At the same, Musk is apparently having second thoughts about some of the  workers he recently let go from his Supercharger team. Bloomberg reports the Tesla CEO has retired some of them including the company’s charging director for North America.

Amidst the layoffs, the backup of unsold Tesla vehicles is reported around the country. The firm admits it produced more than 46,000 more vehicles than it delivered to customers in the first quarter of this year. Where are the surplus vehicles being stored? Parking lots, airports and malls.

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