Record temperatures hit Oklahoma….but that was in 1934 and 1980


Are the record high temperatures across the nation really a sign of calamitous climate change?

The Heartland Institute produced a chart showing similar temperatures occurred nearly 90 years ago—before all of the claims of a deadlly climate change overtaking the country.

For example, the 1930s produced some all-time high temperatures in Oklahoma City.

It hit 112 degrees (that’s right) in 1934 and again two years later in 1936

A similar graph showed extreme temperatures were also recorded over the past nearly 20 years.

In Oklahoma, it’s still hot, something similar to what the state endured in 1980. Remember?

The hottest day of the summer 43 years ago was July 17th when more than 80% of Oklahoma reached 100 degrees. Nearly one quarter of the state reached 105.

The year also resulted in the all-time high temperature of 113 in Oklahoma City.  It just raises a question of whether the climate change fears of 2023 are any different than what the country experienced in the 1930s and again 50 years later in 1980.

Here’s the latest from the Oklahoma Mesonet.

One thing is for sure….it is hot. While the Internet had a story Wednesday of a woman who baked cookies in a mailbox, a similar case occurred in Oklahoma City. A physical trainer at the North Rockwell Wellness Center displayed a batch of chocolate chip cookies he baked by leaving them on a platter in his car.