Oklahoma regulators to meet Thursday afternoon


Oklahoma Corporation Commissioners will meet Thursday at 1:30 p.m. to consider some recommended changes in the Universal Service Fund program.

Here is the agenda:

Consideration of and possible vote(s) on proposed or potential orders in cases on the attached 24-hour signing agenda docket. At the meeting, the Commission may discuss and consider alterations, revisions, or amendments to the proposed or potential orders.

(Votes may be taken on individual cases, on the 24-hour signing agenda docket as a whole, or both by individual cases and the remaining docket.)

IV A. Summary of and possible discussion on recent Transportation Division activity for motor carrier enforcement, ports of entry, and weigh stations, including the number
of vehicles processed and screened, the dollar amounts, numbers, and types of citations issued recently and comparisons to prior periods, and the base jurisdictions involved as listed by state—Deputy General Counsel Darren Ferguson or/and
Deputy General Counsel Michael Copeland

B. Discussion of and possible vote(s) on a proposed Final Order of the Commission and/or any alterations, revisions, or amendments thereto proposed at the meeting, in Case No. MCC 202325738, Oklahoma Corporation Commission vs. Respondents Named on Attached Docket Report “Exhibit A”

V Discussion of and possible vote(s) on a proposed Second Interim Order and/or any alterations, revisions, or amendments thereto proposed at the meeting, in Case No. OSF2022-000045, Application of Brandy L. Wreath, Administrator of the Oklahoma
Universal Service Fund, Seeking to Adjust the Connections-Based Assessment Factor for the Oklahoma Universal Service Fund

VI A. Possible executive session pursuant to 25 O.S. § 307(B)(1) for the purpose of discussing potential salary adjustment(s) in the employment of the current Director of Administration

B. Possible vote on whether to go into executive session for the purpose(s) stated

C. Executive session if approved by majority vote. No votes shall be taken during the executive session

D. If executive session is conducted, then at its conclusion re-assemble in the public meeting room to vote to return to open session

E. Discussion of and possible vote(s) on matter(s) listed for executive session regardless of whether executive session is conducted

VII New business

A. Any matter not known about and which could not have been reasonably foreseen 24 hours before the meeting

B. Possible vote(s) on matters of new business

VIII Adjournment

The Commission may take up the above items of business in a different sequence than that listed. The meeting is open to the public.