Lucas: Race for Space Requires Collaboration on Legislation, Other Issues

During the U.S. House Science, Space and Technology Committee hearing on Thursday, Oklahoma’s District 3 Congressman and Committee Chairman Frank Lucas extended an olive branch to persuade fellow members that they must work collaboratively with the executive branch and key stakeholders to ensure its focus that the U.S. maintains its status as a leader in the space industry. Lucas firmly believes the commercial space industry will require significant legislation to foster and support this burgeoning platform.

“As our Committee develops this legislation, we’ll keep these major considerations in mind: a thoughtful regulatory environment that supports innovation, a competitive approach to grow our domestic industry, and a focus on maintaining U.S. leadership in international space policy,” said Lucas.

He highlighted how American leadership in space is critical to the future of international space policy, especially as more participants become involved in space worldwide from both the private and governmental sectors.

“The United States’ status as a major spacefaring nation has historically secured us a key role in discussions of international norms and standards,” said Lucas during the hearing. 

The global space economy grew 9% year-over-year in 2021, marking the fastest rate of growth since 2014. According to a Forbes report, the space industry grew to a record $469 billion in 2021. A record number of civilians launched into space during 2022.