Kolibri Global Energy Announces Annual Meeting Results, Update on SCOOP Wells

California-based Kolibri Global Energy Inc. announced the results of its Annual Meeting held in Vancouver, British Columbia on July 13, 2023. All of the resolutions were approved at the meeting, according to a company press release issued on Thursday.

The company’s shareholders voted to fix the number of directors of the Company at five and elected the following five nominees to the board of directors:

  • Wolf Regener
  • Eric Brown
  • Leslie O’Connor
  • David Neuhauser
  • Evan Templeton

Each of the newly elected directors will serve for a one-year term and hold office until the next annual meeting of shareholders unless he or she ceases to hold office. 

The shareholders reappointed KPMG LLP as the company’s auditor.

The company updated operations involving the Drilling on the Barnes 7-5H well, which was scheduled to begin on Friday. After drilling is completed, the rig will move to the Barnes 7-4H well to begin drilling. Both of these wells will be drilled in the Caney Shale Formation, located in the South Central Oklahoma Oil Province (SCOOP) known for a strong natural gas drive; however, its high clay content and reactivity with water has hampered development in the Caney formation.