Wind industry faces challenges across the country

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The wind industry is also facing some tough winds as it attempts to widen its hold in the renewable energy growth across the country.

But the people who run the Renewable Energy program at Central Community College in Hastings, Nebraska admit their program is on shaky ground. They can’t find enough students interested in becoming a part of the industry.

“We’re on track to do a review in the next seven years for the cycle for the college, and if we don’t meet that standard, I think this program could be in jeopardy,” said Taylor Schneider, a former wind technician who is an instructor at the community college.

Only four to six students graduate from the school’s energy program each year reported KFXL Fox News.

NextEra Energy Resources, well known throughout Oklahoma hopes to get permission to install up to 285 wind turbines in North Dakota. The JamesTown Sun reports the company wants to use the wind farm to power a proposed hydrogen facility.

The paper reported NextEra is in the process of negotiating for land to build the fertilizer plant and construct wind towers.

In Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the wind industry is adding jobs.

Marmen Energy, a wind tower manufacturer based in Canada, broke ground on an expansion that will include about 50 new jobs, mostly welders.

However, the company found it’s easier said than done in finding welders according to Sioux Falls Business.

“The market is tough. There is no denying that skilled welders are always in demand,” said Danny Lueders, plant manager.