Oklahoma regulators to meet Tuesday

Bob Anthony slams fellow Oklahoma Corporation Commissioners over 2021  winter fuel costs


Oklahoma Corporation Commissioners meet Tuesday afternoon to handle a number of  requests to plug abandoned wells and to consider approval of a request for a protective order sought by Oklahoma Gas and Electric.

The agenda showed the request by the commission’s own staff to plug 10 abandoned wells located in Garfield County.

The OG&E request is for a protective order “preventing public or unauthorized disclosure of confidential, proprietary, or privileged information until otherwise ordered by this Commission.”

The motion is part of the utility’s request for a $331 million rate hike covering replacement of two aging turbines at the OG&E Horseshoe Lake Power Plant east of Oklahoma City. The utility wants to use a combination of combustion turbines and solar generation sources in the replacement project.

As OK Energy Today reported earlier in June, the Director of OGE’s Regulatory Affairs, Kimber Shoop, testified, “This blend of combustion turbines and solar generation was found to mitigate future risks to customers and fulfill the many objectives of the IRP.”

The meeting will begin at 1:30 p.m. in the Concourse Theater, Suite C50, Will Rogers Memorial Office Building, 2401 North Lincoln Boulevard.