How high temperatures rank in Oklahoma records

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When you’re hot, you’re hot!
So maybe some records weren’t broken Wednesday despite the 100 degree and higher temperatures across the state. But it was still hot.
Just in case you’re wondering about records of hot weather in the state, this is the list from Gary McManus, State Climatologist with the Oklahoma Mesonet and the Oklahoma Climatological Survey.
Buffalo      115.2  July 9, 2009
Kingfisher    115.0  Aug. 1, 2012
Wilburton    115.0  Aug. 3, 2011
Hollis        115.0  June 26, 2011
Mangum        114.8  July 19, 2022
Wister        114.6  Aug. 3, 2011
Erick        114.6  June 26, 2011
He also noted this week those readings were the first time all Mesonet sites reached at least 103 degrees.