Coterra Energy and the politics of drilling in Pennsylvania


The Houston oil and gas firm Coterra Energy is known in Oklahoma for its exploration in the Anadarko Basin.

But it seems the company’s historic settlement made last fall to pay more than $16 million to build a public water line in Dimock, Pennsylvania has turned into a political football for Gov. Josh Shapiro.

Maybe even a fumble for him. Here’s why. Coterra stood accused of contaminating the water in the town of Dimock through its fracking operations in the area. It reached an agreement and pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge under the Clean Streams Law.

Gov. Shapiro was there for the announcement but what has angered state voters was his announcement also made the following day…..that the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection would lift a 12-year ban on drilling in Dimock, allowing Coterra to operate there once again.

Shapiro’s critics believe the governor had to have known that the DEP was going to make the announcement according to a report by Inside Climate News.

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