Bice says natural gas stove vote was to stop Biden’s green new deal agenda from being forced on Americans

A gas stove ban could help climate and health problems. But regulations  won't be immediate. - Vox


Oklahoma Congresswoman Stephanie Bice says she enjoys cooking with her gas stove.

It’s why she voted Tuesday in support of a bill to reject the Biden administration’s move to either put severe restrictions on the use of natural gas cooking stoves or to ban their use outright.

These pieces of legislation will prevent the Administration from banning gas stoves and forcing their green new deal agenda on the American people,” said the Republican Representative in her explanation.

The House voted to pass H.R.1615, the Gas Stoves Protection and Freedom Act and H.R. 1640, the Save Our Gas Stoves Act.

Bice said both will stop the Energy Department from dictating the type of cooktop appliance Americans use in their home, and also stop the Consumer Products Safety Commission from broadly banning gas stoves or imposing standards that would amount to a de facto ban.

“I am committed to protecting the choices, wallets, time, and jobs of my fellow Oklahomans and Americans across the nation. It’s simple. If Americans want to cook on gas stoves, let them,” added Rep. Bice.