Sister wells reported in Canadian and McClain Counties



A pair of Canadian County natural gas wells were completed earlier this year by Citizen Energy III LLC, of Tulsa.

The two Earles Ranch wells are located on a single pad several miles southwest of El Reno near the Cedar Lake community, 7 11N 9W .

The Earles Ranch 1h-7-6 was completed in January 2023 and had production of 4,888 Mcf a day of natural gas from a drilled depth of 21,570 feet in the Mississippian formation. The true vertical depth, according to the completion report, was 13,293 feet following a July 2022 spud.

The Earles Ranch 2h-7-18 produced 4,332 Mcf of natural gas a day from a drilled depth of 19,190 feet and had a true vertical depth of 13,724 feet. The Earles Ranch 2h-7-18 showed a July 2022 spud.

A pair of wells drilled on a single pad in McClain County by CPRP Services LLC of Oklahoma City had combined production of 660 barrels of oil a day.

The Ritter 0604 7-18-3wxh, located a mile outside the community of Dibble at 6 6N 4W, produced 290 barrels of oil a day and 172 Mcf of natural gas from the Woodford formation. Drilled depth was listed as 17,368 while the true vertical depth, according to the completion report, was 11,587 feet. The well was spud in October of 2022 and completion was in February 2023.

The second well, the Ritter 0604 7-18-2wxh, produced 370 barrels of oil a day and 432 Mcf of natural gas. Drilled depth was 21,028 feet while the true vertical depth was 11,959 feet according to the completion report. 

The well was also spud in October 2022.