Devon Energy’s latest well production is in Blaine County


Two Blaine County wells drilled by Devon Energy Production Company on a single pad produced not only more than 1,200 barrels of oil a day but more than 17,000 Mcf of natural gas too.

The two Hornet wells are located at 4 14N 12W or a site about 6 miles west of the small community of Greenfield in the STACK play. Both were completed in February 2023 and had production out of the Miss’an Lm formation.

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The Hornet 9_16-14n-12w 3hx, with a drilled depth of 23,109 feet and a true vertical depth of 12,739 feet, produced 676 barrels of oil a day and 9,742 Mcf of natural gas. The completion report showed a spud was in July of 2022.

The Hornet 9_16-14n-12w 4hx produced 530 barrels of oil a day and 7,825 Mcf of natural gas from a drilled depth of 23,164 feet. The Hornet 9_16-14n-12w 4hxshowed a true vertical depth of 12,724 feet following a June 2022 spud.

Combined oil production was 1,206 barrels a day and the natural gas total was 17,567 Mcf.