Tulsa businessman loses another lawsuit over whistleblower claims


Frank Montero’s years-long fight with the Tulsa Airport Improvement Trust resulted in another of his lawsuits thrown out of court—this time in Tulsa Federal Court.

Montero ran his business, AA Inc. , at the Jones/Riverside airport but ran into legal problems back in 2014 when the TAIT alleged AA failed to maintain its corporate status. He sued but the suit was thrown out of a state court.

This week, U.S. District Court Judge Claire V. Eagan tossed Montero’s federal lawsuit which he filed pro se or without the benefit of an attorney.

Montero attempted to say he was blocked from the property he leased because he was a “whistle-blower” concerning the installation of septic tanks at the airport. In his lawsuit, Montero claimed the city of Tulsa and the State were “refusing to stop polluting the water table and the Arkansas River.”

Judge Eagan ruled the facts were clear that Montero’s claim “is nothing more than a landlord-tenant dispute” which should have been handled in a state court. She determined that federal court is not where the suit should be heard and did not have jurisdiction.