Oklahoma’s STACK play to see more exploration

Oklahoma sees more drilling rigs in the oilfields - Oklahoma Energy Today


With historic oil and gas production, the STACK play in Oklahoma will definitely see more exploration, courtesy of more energy companies.

Some of the latest permits to drill approved by the state Corporation Commission included wells in Blaine and Kingfisher Counties. As OK Energy Today reported last week, other firms had also received permits to drill in the three primary counties that are considered the STACK—Blaine, Canadian and Kingfisher.

Derby Exploration LLC based in Oklahoma City was awarded permits for two wells to be drilled on a single pad in Blaine County.

The two Temanke wells will be drilled at 30 18N 13W, a site about 3 miles southeast of the town of Canton. Derby expects production to be either in the Mississippian with a drilled depth of 9,123 feet or the Woodford at 10,740 feet.

BCE-Mach III LLC of Oklahoma City received permits for two wells to be drilled in Kingfisher County. The LINCOLN NORTH UNIT #91-5HO, will be located at a site 9 miles northwest of Crescent or about 10 miles east of Dover.

The second well, the INCOLN SOUTHEAST OSWEGO UNIT #76 4HO, will be located about 3 miles south of the Lincoln North Unit.

Mewbourne Oil Company of Tyler, Texas plans more drilling in Ellis County in the northwest part of the state, a region where we have reported on the success of the company.

The company received permits to drill two wells on a single pad at 04 18N 24W, which is about 5 miles straight south of the town of Arnett. It will be the site for the DAUGHTERS 4/33 MD #1H and the DAVIS 9/16 DM #2H.