Kansas legislators debate blinking wind tower lights and blocked railroad crossings….sound familiar?

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Kansas legislators are dealing with two issues common across Oklahoma—blinking red lights from wind towers across the land and trains blocking street crossings.

As for the blinking wind turbine lights, legislators were told this week, “These blinking red lights drive people crazy,” as Rep. Carrie Barth put it.

Senate Bill 49 would require the installation of light-mitigating systems in wind turbines across the state, pending Federal Aviation Administration approval, among other bill provisions reported the Kansas Reflector.

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The other issue of blocked railroad crossings is the target of Senate Bill 271, which would require train cars to be parked on track siding no closer than 250 feet from crossings. It would also limit trains to a maximum length of 8,500 feet or about 1.6 miles.

The bill was approved by the Kansas Senate on a vote of 27-13 and sent to the House for consideration.

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