Update on bill to restrict HOAs from banning residential solar panels

solar panels


A bill in the Oklahoma legislature to end housing restrictions against residential solar panels is still alive.

HB1023 by Ardmore Rep. Tammy Townley was assigned to the House Utilities Committee which has yet to consider the measure.

As OK Energy Today reported earlier in February, Townley’s bill was fashioned after a bill passed in 2011 in Texas which restricts HOA’s or Home Owners Associations from denying their members the ability to get solar panels.

“The growth of renewable energy, grid constraints in periods of high demand and soaring utility prices has created a need for solar. Thus creating a growing problem.”

A similar legislative effort is underway in Nebraska where one woman found out the hard way that HOA’s still have the power to ban solar panels because a law against those bans has yet to be enacted.

The Nebraska Examiner reported the woman is in a fight over her 14 solar panels.

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