Bill filed to end residential solar power bans

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A bill was filed prior to the start of the Oklahoma legislative session to end housing restrictions against residential solar power projects.

Ardmore Rep. Tammy Townley filed House Bill 1023 which provides that an owners association, such as an HOA, may not prohibit the installation of solar energy systems.

“This bill mirrors the Texas bill passed in 2011 that restricts the HOAs from denying their members the ability to get solar panels,” explained Rep. Townley in an email response to OK Energy Today.

“The growth of renewable energy, grid constraints in periods of high demand and soaring utility prices has created a need for solar. Thus creating a growing problem.”

She explained she filed the bill following a request of a constituent who was not able to get solar because of HOA restrictions.

“If the solar is in the back of the home where it’s not going to be viewed by the public, it should have no opposition due to HOA rules,” added Rep. Townley.

HB 1023 contains some exceptions to such an enforcement and it includes whether the solar energy system “threatens the public health or safety” and whether it “violates a law.”