Tulsa’s WellChecked company teams up with SPOT.AI


Calling it a “new era” in remote asset monitoring for the oil and gas industry, WellChecked, a company headquartered in Tulsa, announced it teamed up with Spot.AI by reselling its artificial intelligence camera system technology.

The strategic collaboration combines WellChecked’s experience in oil and gas video monitoring with Spot.AI’s video AI and edge processing technology to provide a new level of security, visibility and productivity for field operations.

WellChecked has provided video monitoring for the industry for more than a decade, offering an integrated system that combines video and SCADA data to identify potential issues before they become major problems. As a result, there have been lower costs and better overall experience.

The company also uses advanced analytics, machine learning and a communication system to ensure users are alerted to any changes or abnormalities on the well site 24/7.

SPOT.AI provides video monitoring hardware, software, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence that allows users to precisely comprehend their environment, make well-informed decisions quickly, and ensure the smooth running of their activities. The video visualization capability utilizing edge and AI technologies also gives users greater insight into their environment than ever before, allowing them to make better-informed decisions about their operations faster.

The two stated their combination will provide the industry a partner that has the safety certifications, insurance requirements, oil field knowledge and remote video monitoring experience.

SPOT.AI was formed by engineers from Stanford, Cisco Meraki and Samsara. Its headquarters are in Burlingame, California.