Report says Oklahoma is still among lowest states when it comes to average utility bills

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A new national real estate report shows Oklahoma is among the ten lowest states in the U.S. when it comes to utility bills even with increases built into winter securitization steps taken by major utilities.

TNRealEstate released a list of states with the least expensive energy bills and those with the highest. Oklahoma ranked 10th lowest with a reported combined bill of electricity and natural gas costs at $161.23 a month. It included an average electricity monthly bill of $109.07 and an average $52.16 for gas.

The list provided by TNReal Estate was based on data from Statista, published in January 2023.

The lowest average was in Wyoming where residents pay an average of $96.59 per month for electricity and $50.60 for natural gas. New Mexico was second lowest with a combined energy bill of $148.35 a month which included $86.66 for electricity and $61.69 for natural gas.

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Which state has the highest average utility bill? Hawaii where the average monthly bill is $399.49. That includes $162.66 a month for electricity and $236.83 a month for natural gas.