House Transportation Committee to consider legislative bills

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From school buses to motorcycles, the Oklahoma House Transportation Committee will meet Tuesday to consider four bills.

During the 1:30 p.m. meeting, members will consider HB1067, a bill introduced by Rep. Josh West. He wants the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority to exempt school buses and law enforcement from paying tolls on turnpikes in the state.

Another bill, HB2255 would create a Hallett Motor Racing Circuit License Plate. The measure was filed by Rep. Ty Burns.

A third bill,  HB2426, targets “motorcycle profiling.” Rep. Stan May, author of the measure, wants to limit law enforcement officers from what he feels is a discriminatory practice of stopping someone just because they are riding a motorcycle. It would require every law enforcement agency in Oklahoma to adopt a written policy designed to condemn and prevent motorcycle profiling.

The fourth measure, HB2791 by Rep. Preston Stinson, would include “playground” under definitions of certain transportation topics.

Members of the Transportation Committee include:

Representative Ronny Johns, Chair
Representative Jim Grego, Vice Chair
Representative Sherrie Conley
Representative Denise CrosswhiteHader
Representative Bob Culver
Representative Eddy Dempsey
Representative Mike Dobrinski
Representative Regina Goodwin
Representative Neil Hays
Representative Annie Menz
Representative Kenton Patzkowsky
Representative Lonnie Sims

NOTE:  Meeting content will be live streamed via internet.