Can your EV be hacked?



Just as if we needed more to worry about as our lives are already filled with the thoughts of spy balloons floating overhead, COVID, a politically divided nation, and TOP SECRET documents found where they shouldn’t be… comes along the prospects of EVs being hacked?

It’s what the Wall Street Journal wrote about this week as experts weighed in, saying such an event is a strong possibility as more people are buying the electric vehicles.

Here’s why. Gas-powered vehicles have anywhere from a few hundred to perhaps 1,000 computer chips. But an electric vehicle might have as many as 2,000 or more. The more chips, the more susceptible the EV could be to being hacked.

It’s already been done in a 2022 test during which the hacker obtained access to vehicle data and more importantly and critically–its controls.

Adding to the increased hacking likelihood is the growth of EV charging stations across the country.  As one article described it, “these stations could become a hacker superhighway.”