Arkansas EV truck maker to begin sales in Oklahoma

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Electric trucks made by an Arkansas manufacturer will soon be available in showrooms in Oklahoma and 7 other states.

Envirotech Vehicles, Inc., maker of new zero-emission purpose-built electric vehicles announced a partnership with Strategic EV Solutions to provide the vehicles for showrooms in Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

Phillip Oldridge, Chief Executive Officer of Envirotech Vehicles, located in Osceola, Arkansas, said finding go-to-market partners when selling EVs is critical to being successful.

“All of us at EVTV are thrilled to be partnering with an established Arkansas company that, through its rich history, has developed a wide network across the mid-south that we plan to tap into to get our vehicles on the road in these markets.”

Curtis Stout and Strategic EV Solutions are the Arkansas-based leaders in renewable and emerging technologies with more than 75 years’ experience and operations across eight states. Through one of their many dealership partners, the companies plan to initially take possession of one unit of each type of EVTV vehicle produced every year at a location in the eight states in which they have a physical presence. Strategic EV Solutions is working on setting up future dealerships in all 50 states.

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“With our companies based in Arkansas, Curtis Stout and Strategic EV Solutions are proud to team up with an organization that is committed to manufacturing in our home state,” said Ron Smith, President and CEO of Curtis Stout.

Envirotech Vehicles, Inc. is a provider of purpose-built, zero-emission electric vehicles focused on reducing the total cost of vehicle ownership and helping fleet operators unlock the benefits of green technology.

The first serves commercial and last-mile fleets, school districts, public and private transportation service companies, and academic institutions to meet the increasing demand for heavy-duty electric vehicles.