Gasoline prices bounce back up in Oklahoma

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National gasoline prices have taken a jump upward in the past week and they’re doing the same in Oklahoma.

The state’s average as of Jan. 2, 2023 is $2.85 which is 18 cents higher than one week ago. However, it is lower than the $2.93 average reported a month ago and still 2 cents cheaper than the $2.87 average recorded one year ago according to AAA.

The national average is $3.21, up 11 cents from a week ago but lower than the $3.44 average recorded one month ago. It is also lower than the $3.28 average a year ago.

At one point in December, 2022, only a few counties in Oklahoma had averages of $3 a gallon or more. But this week, the number of counties with $3 gallon gasoline is higher. Beaver County in the Panhandle and Ellis County in the northwest have the highest averages at $3.13 a gallon. Others in the $3 column are Dewey at $3.07, Logan at $3.07, Hughes at $3.08, Coal at $3.01 and Murray County with an average of $3.03 per gallon.

Lawton has the lowest city average with a price of $2.65, but it is also up 27 cents from a week ago. A month ago, Lawton had an average price of $2.80 per gallon.

Oklahoma City’s average this week is $2.84 which is 19 cents higher than last week but still lower than the $2.93 average recorded a month ago. The $2.84 average is the same average reported one year earlier.

Tulsa’s average is $2.83 per gallon or 24 cents more than last week. A month ago, the average price in Tulsa was $2.77. A year ago, the average was $2.84.

The highest prices paid in 2022 by motorists in Oklahoma City was $4.72 a gallon on June 15. Tulsa motorists paid their highest average on the same date with a price of $4.54 per gallon.