Commissioner says closing some of utility winter storm rate hike cases was wrong

Anthony again named to National Petroleum Council | The Journal Record


Warning that the actions set a “dangerous precedent” that could hamper investigations into the recovery of fuel costs from 2021’s Winter Storm URI, Corporation Commission Bob Anthony on Thursday filed a dissenting opinion against an approved Commission order closing “regulatory asset” cases key to the cost recovery issue.

“Those cases closed in spite of the fact that OG&E, ONG and PSO did not fully comply all the requirements in the cases,” Anthony asserted. “Further, notice concerning the then-proposed orders closing the cases was inadequate.”

Commissioners voted last month to close the cases and at the time, Anthony stated he planned to file a dissenting vote.

In his dissenting opinion, Anthony calls for, among other actions, the disclosure of detailed information about the utilities’ fuel costs from the 2021 Winter Storm as well as communication records on the matter on the part of the utilities, Commissioners, and OCC Staff.

The full opinion was filed in the three cases in question and can be found herehere, or here (same opinion for each of the cases).