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** Vandalism at four power substations in the western US state of Washington over the weekend added to concerns of a possible nationwide campaign by right-wing extremists to stir fears and spark civil conflict.

** Wholesale power prices surged more than 6,000% in parts of the country during the worst of the recent brutal cold snap — a sign that Americans are likely to face significantly higher winter heating costs once the bills get mailed out.

** A record production decline in the largest US natural gas basin came just as extreme cold sent demand booming for the commodity used to heat homes and fuel power plants, exacerbating the winter storm crisis that left millions in the dark.

** Nearly two-thirds of the United States is recovering from the sub-freezing temperatures and extreme weather from Winter Storm Elliott. The storm knocked out power and cut energy production across the country, driving up heating and electricity prices.

** The California Independent Petroleum Association, or CIPA, the trade group representing drillers in the state, announced it has gathered enough signatures to force a referendum onto the 2024 state ballot on a new law banning new oil wells within 3,200 feet of homes, schools and hospitals.

** Aerones, a robotics startup that scrubs and inspects wind turbines so humans don’t have to, secured $38.9 million in fresh funding this month from dozens of undisclosed investors, TechCrunch has learned.

** Tesla’s cars once came at the tail end of a long waiting list, meaning those who actually twiddled their thumbs long enough to get one could immediately turn around and offload it to less-patient buyers for a quick buck. Now, as Tesla enthusiasm wanes and demand levels out, that business model seems to be dying out.



** Russia says it will ban oil sales to states that stick to a price cap imposed by Western countries. The retaliatory measure was decreed by Russia President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday.

** Japan is set to import its first crude oil shipment from Russia in more than half a year, as the government pushes energy importers to stockpile fuel in a bid to avoid future shortages.

**  Britain’s iconic ceramics industry are slashing production and cutting jobs as surging energy bills push the sector in a key English town to the brink of collapse.