Energy group gives poor marks to Oklahoma’s energy efficiency efforts



Oklahoma was ranked 41 in the 2022 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard created by the group American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. Two years ago, the state was ranked 37 by ACEEE.

The same group placed California in first place in its 50-state scorecard, saying the state ranked highest because of its equity in its energy policies and wide-reaching programs to reduce emissions from transportation, buildings and industry.

In ranking Oklahoma 41, ACEEE’s 2022 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard gave the state only 5 out of a possible 50 points. Its assessment of the state stated that electric savings remain lower than the national average and “are significantly limited by the ability of large customers to opt out of efficiency programs.”

It criticized Oklahoma for not having an energy efficiency resource standard.

“Although Oklahoma has seen a reduction in vehicle miles traveled per capita and has a freight plan in place that includes strategies to promote an efficient freight network, the state has not focused its efforts on policies to encourage efficient transportation systems, leaving significant room for growth,” stated the ACEEE report.

The group indicated Oklahoma could increase its score by updating building energy codes and encouraging efficiency in the building sector.

Rounding out the top 10 are Massachusetts (#2), New York (#3), Vermont (#4), Maine (#5), Washington, DC (#6), Maryland and Rhode Island (tied at #7), Connecticut (#9), and Minnesota (#10).

Regional leaders are California (#1) in the West, Massachusetts (#2) in the Northeast, Minnesota (#10) in the Midwest, Colorado (#13) in the Southwest, and Virginia (#20) in the Southeast. Each of these states has enacted sweeping clean energy laws in recent years and expanded energy efficiency efforts to achieve climate goals. The scorecard is accompanied by one-page evaluations of each state’s performance, including possible ways to improve performance.