Mullin—higher Thanksgiving meal cost rests with President Biden and his policies

Why Thanksgiving Dinner Will Cost More This Year | Time


An affordable Thanksgiving meal is off the table.

That’s the declaration from Congressman Markwayne Mullin who is about to become a U.S. Senator replacing Jim Inhofe who delivered his farewell address Wednesday to the Senate.

In a column released this week, Rep. Mullin stated, ” Joe Biden’s gift to Americans this holiday season is a failing economy with no fix in sight.”

He pointed to the 40-year high inflation in the U.S. which means Americans will pay 13.5% more for their Thanksgiving meal. Wholesale turkey prices are up 23% while the price of eggs increased 43%. Flour is nearly 25% higher and milk costs 14.5% more.

“If you are changing your plans this year due to rising costs, you are not alone,” said the Congressman while pointing out the 25% increase in airline prices.

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“The once economical choice of taking a road trip is now just as expensive, with gas and diesel prices still higher than in holidays past.”

The congressman said while Thanksgiving is a time to gather with loved ones and reflect on the blessings bestowed upon us by the Lord, blame should not be ignored.

“—we cannot ignore the pain that Biden’s failed economic policies have caused, nor fail to acknowledge how this will change the holiday traditions that many families have held for generations.”