Advocate still contends Kansas 2021 winter storm costs are suspicious

Jim Zakoura, an energy lawyer frustrated by the Kansas Corporation Commission's refusal to investigate possible natural gas market manipulation in the 2021 winter storm, participates in a Kansas Reflector podcast to discuss an order requiring residential customers to cover $622 million in extraordinary costs incurred by utility companies during a storm named Uri. (Sherman Smith/Kansas Reflector)


Consumers and their advocacy groups in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas still contend there was price gouging carried out during the February 2021 Winter Storm Uri, the storm that led to billions in high costs.

One such advocate isn’t giving up in Kansas where the Corporation Commission issued orders that left retail residential ratepayers bearing the brunt of $622 million in extraordinary costs. He is Jim Zakoura, an energy attorney and president of Kansas Industrial Consumers Group according to the Kansas Reflector.

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