AARP leader demands an end to utility rate hikes



AARP Oklahoma State Director Sean Voskuhl had a pointed question of Oklahoma Corporation Commissioners after they approved a nearly $20 million rate hike for Oklahoma Natural Gas Company.

“When does it end?” he asked in anger after opposing the $19.6 million rate hike that was approved Tuesday.

“The Corporation Commission approves a third utility rate hike request from ONG in just a year, disregarding the economic struggles Oklahomans face.”

Voskuhl said because of back-to–back-to-back rate hikes, ONG customers will more nearly $12 more a month or $144 more a year.

“This total includes the newly-approved $1.94 per month rate hike, the December 2021 rate hike and the cost of securitization,” he added. “And keep in mind this amount does not include the pass-through cost of natural gas, which will significantly increase bills as we move into the colder months.”

The AARP has fought rate hikes not only by ONG but other utilities, including those stemming from the February 2021 winter storm.

“This broken record is breaking Oklahomans forced to choose between buying food, prescription drugs and outrageous utility bills. This must stop.”