Latest Kingfisher County wells in Oklahoma

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Oklahoma City’s Hinkle Oil & Gas Inc. has been busy with wells in Kingfisher County, filing completion reports on 3 wells completed in August.

The Lincoln Southeast Oswego Unit 88-2ho, located at 29 17N 5W, a few miles southwest of Cimarron City produced 643 barrels of oil a day and 803 Mcf of natural gas from a drilled depth of 11,818 feet in the Oswego formation. The well was completed August 18 after a July spud date.

Hinkle’s second well, the Lincoln North Unit 53-2ho, drilled at 32 18N 5W,  a site about 9 miles east of Dover produced 522 barrels of oil a day and 496 Mcf of natural gas. Its drilled depth was 12,017 feet in the Oswego formation. Completion was made August 22 after a spud date in late July.

Hinkle also completed the Lincoln North Unit 62-4ho at 2 17N 6W with production of 241 barrels of oil a day and 100 Mcf of natural gas. Drilled depth was 14,690 feet in the Oswego formation after a mid-July spud date according to the completion report.

Black Mesa Energy LLC, of Tulsa reported completion of a Carter County well that produced 813 barrels of oil a day and 3,084 Mcf of natural gas.

The Flames 3-10-1s-3w Wxh1, located at 3 1S 3W, about 4 miles north of Ratliff City, was completed in June with a drilled depth of 18,140 feet in the Woodford formation. The completion report showed a March spud date.