Here are some of the latest producing wells in Oklahoma

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Completion reports recently filed in Oklahoma show oil producers are still busy with their exploration projects.

Camino Natural Resources LLC reported completions of two wells on a single pad in Canadian County. The two wells are located at 25 12N 7W or about 3 miles southeast of the city of El Reno. The Black Kettle 1207 25-36-2mxh, completed in June of this year had production of 287 barrels of oil and 845 Mcf of natural gas a day. Its drilled depth was 17,510 feet in the Mississippian when it was completed in early June following a February spud date.

The sister well, the Black Kettle 1207 25-36-1wxh, was completed in May with production of 151 barrels of oil a day and 307 Mcf of natural gas. Its drilled depth was 17,683 feet in the Woodford following a February spud date.

Another Canadian County well, the Every 1405 4-19mh, was completed in January by Red Bluff Resources Operating LLC. Located about 2 miles northwest of Piedmont at 19 14N 5W, the well had a depth of 13,900 feet in the Mississippian following a December 2021 spud date according to its completion report.

Mewbourne Oil Company completed an Ellis County well with production of 299 barrels of oil a day and 465 Mcf of natural gas. The Ragan 25/24 Nc 1h, located 9 miles northwest of Arnett near the state line, 25 20N 26W , was completed in May of this year following a March spud date.

Two Grady county wells drilled on a single pad had combined production of 464 barrels of oil a day but combined natural gas production was much greater. Gulfport Midcon LLC completed the two Nelda wells in March. The Nelda 2-4x33h, located at 4 4N 6W, a site several miles southwest of Alex had production of 154 barrels of oil a day but natural gas production totaled 12,923 Mcf of natural gas from a depth of 25,208 feet in the Woodford formation. It was completed March 10 of this year after an October 2021 spud date.

The sister well, the  Nelda 4-4x33h produced 310 barrels of oil a day while the natural gas production totaled 19,528 Mcf a day. That’s a combined natural gas production of 32,451 Mcf a day. The well was spudded in July 2021 according to its completion report.

Hinkle Oil & Gas Inc. recently completed two wells on a single pad in Kingfisher County.  Combined production was 806 wells.

The Lincoln Southeast Oswego Unit 42-4ho, completed in early August had production of 437 barrels of oil and 456 Mcf of natural gas a day from a depth of 12,110 feet in the Oswego formation. The well is located at 18 17N 5W, a site about 8 miles east of Dover and according to its completion report had a July spud date.

The Lincoln Southeast Oswego Unit 19-4ho, completed in August also in the Oswego produced 369 barrels of oil a day and 838 Mcf of natural gas. Drilled depth was 11,784 feet following a July spud date according to the completion report.