High gasoline prices won’t keep Oklahomans from traveling this Labor Day holiday

Travel conditions for the Labor Day holiday weekend | WCYB


Labor Day holiday travel is expected to return to levels seen before COVID-19 hit the nation, despite high gasoline prices and that includes in Oklahoma according to AAA Oklahoma.


“Travel volume will likely reach pre-pandemic levels as people prioritize vacations and travel celebrations they haven’t felt confident taking in the previous two years,” said Leslie Gamble, AAA Oklahoma Manager of Public and Government Affairs. “Even with higher prices on gas and other components of travel, people are taking long dreamed of trips as well as returning to traditions, such as trips to lakes, seasonal entertainment venues and sports.”

Labor Day airfares are up 20% from last year and 30% from the same period in 2020. Mid-range hotel rates are up 53% from the pandemic-impacted holiday weekend in 2020. Likewise, car rentals are costing an average of 32% more than in 2020.

“Increased traffic is likely to result in increased chances for crashes,” Gamble said. “So plan ahead and travel during off-peak times. Obey the rules of the road. Your safety and the safety of all road users depends on it.”

Labor Day Gas Prices

Road trips will rule Labor Day weekend. Despite paying the highest gas prices ever for the unofficial end of summer, prices in Oklahoma have dropped $1.20-per-gallon since peaking at $4.66 on June 15. The national gas price average has dropped more than $1/gallon since peaking at $5.01/gallon on June 14. However, gas prices in the state remain about 63-cents-per-gallon higher than the same time last year.

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Record high summer gas prices haven’t deterred road trippers, and AAA does not expect Labor Day weekend to be any different. However, Oklahoma motorists told AAA earlier this summer that they have adjusted driving behavior and vacation spending to accommodate for higher gas prices.

  • 63% of Oklahoma drivers say they have adjusted their daily driving behaviors because of gas prices, with many people consolidating errands/trips and cutting back on driving as much as possible.
  • 57% of Oklahoma drivers making summer travel plans said gas prices have factored in to their planning. Of those planning to travel this summer:
    • 28% said they are taking fewer trips because of gas prices
    • 14% said they are taking shorter trips because of gas prices
      • 18% said they are adjusting their travel budget for dining or lodging because of gas prices