Energy headlines from the U.S. and the world

** A federal judge on Friday reinstated a moratorium on coal leasing from federal lands that was imposed under former President Barack Obama and then scuttled under former President Donald Trump.

** A Nevada electric vehicle battery recycling firm says Tesla’s Gigafactory will be one of its first customers for copper foil anodes.

** An environmental group petitions federal regulators to extend Endangered Species Act protections to a Nevada butterfly, which could block a proposed geothermal project.

** Colorado local governments suing the oil and gas industry over the impacts of climate change urge the U.S. Supreme Court to stay out of a fight over where the cases should be heard.

** A carbon pipeline developer says it has acquired roughly one-third of the 318 miles of Nebraska land needed to complete the project that ends in North Dakota. 

** Entergy officials tell the New Orleans City Council a lightning strike and faulty valves led to outages at a nuclear power plant that will cost customers $10.2 million, although the utility is offering one-time $150 bill credits for some low-income residents.

** Top U.S. Gulf of Mexico oil producer Shell said on Thursday it halted production at three U.S. Gulf of Mexico deepwater platforms after a leak shut two pipelines connecting the platforms, adding it expected pipeline service to resume on Friday.

** U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) company Freeport LNG said on Thursday it was still pulling in small amounts of natural gas from pipelines at its shuttered LNG export plant in Texas to fuel a power plant.

** The wholesale cost of gasoline in New York surged more than 40% against futures after regional supplies sank to the lowest level in a decade, raising the risk of shortages.



** The Arctic is warming at a more rapid pace than previously thought — and four times faster than the world at large, according to research published Thursday in the journal Communications Earth & Environment.

** Kazakhstan is expected to sell some of its crude oil through Azerbaijan’s biggest oil pipeline from September, as the nation seeks alternatives to a route Russia threatened to shut, three sources familiar with the matter said.

** European authorities are considering a liquefied natural gas pipeline from Spain to Italy as a way of getting around France’s opposition to a gas link-up across the Pyrenees between the Iberian peninsula and central Europe, Portugal’s prime minister said Friday.

** Mexico plans to become an export hub with U.S.-drilled natural gas.

** An Iranian-flagged tanker is reloading oil that was confiscated by the United States earlier this year after Greek authorities approved the release of the cargo, sources familiar with the matter said on Friday.

** Colombian lawmakers, the environment minister and environmental campaigners on Wednesday proposed a bill to congress that would ban fracking, hoping it would pass on this, its fourth try, under recently inaugurated President Gustavo Petro.