Headlines of other energy news stories

** The Department of Energy is opening up funding to states and tribes to strengthen their power grids against extreme weather events.

** A growing number of consumers are eager to buy a battery electric vehicle, especially if certain concerns related to EV ownership are addressed, such as creating greater access to charging, extending vehicle range, and lowering purchase prices, according to findings from the largest-ever nationally representative survey from Consumer Reports.

** Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed legislation Wednesday that will provide $1.2 billion over three years to boost long-term water supplies for the desert state and implement conservation efforts that will see more immediate effects.

** The Biden Administration continues to roll out new infrastructure money and is announcing an infusion of cash for one the most visible infrastructure challenges: U.S. airport terminals. On Thursday, the White House unveiled $1 billion in new grants to upgrade those often uncomfortable spaces where passengers arrive and then sit waiting for their flights.

** American Electric Power disconnected power for nonpayment more frequently than any other Ohio utility last year, cutting off customers more than twice as often as the next highest utility, FirstEnergy.

** A proposed ordinance in Chicago would require all new homes and apartments to be wired for easy installation of electric appliances. 

** The number of petroleum engineering students drops 83% from 2017, largely due to concern over the future of fossil fuels reported Bloomberg.


** Climate protesters in England glued themselves to a copy of Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” at a gallery in London, demanding an end to oil production and consumption.

** A long-delayed gas pipeline between Greece and Bulgaria aimed at helping Sofia cut its reliance on Russian gas has been completed and can start commercial operations this month, Greece’s energy minister said on Wednesday.

** Chevron Corp. wants more control over the oil it produces in Venezuela, a move that would help the driller boost output and recover debt if the US eases sanctions amid a global fuel crunch.

** German lawmakers on Thursday approved a major package of reforms aimed at boosting the production of renewable power, as Chancellor Olaf Scholz warned that the country has for too long relied on energy supplies from Russia.

** Shell said on Thursday surging demand for oil products that had almost tripled refining profits in the second quarter would boost earnings by up to $1.2 billion.

** A Russian court has ordered the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC), which transports oil from Kazakhstan to the Black Sea, to suspend operations for 30 days. The ruling Tuesday has the potential to cut another 1 million barrels per day of crude supply to Europe, when the continent is already mired in an energy crisis.