Oklahoma House kills effort to suspend state gas tax

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A move by Tulsa Democrat Melissa Provenzano in the Oklahoma House to suspend the state gasoline tax was killed during the special legislative session.

House Bill 1008XXX amendment would have suspended the tax until at least 2023, and according to Rep. Provenzano, would have saved consumers 19 cents a gallon.


“This amendment provides direct and immediate relief at the gas pump in the form of a temporary moratorium on the state gas tax, lasting through December of 2023,” Provenzano said. “Hopefully, by then, gas prices will go down with increased production and market stability.”

Gas prices are nearly double where they were this time last year. At the time the legislation was heard, the average price of gas in Oklahoma was $4.61 per gallon.

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“The legislature should enact policies that benefit middle-class, working Oklahomans,” Provenzano said. “With the pandemic, global inflation, and the energy crisis, Oklahomans need relief. As lawmakers, we should do everything in our power to provide that relief.”

Source: House Democratic Caucus release