Gov. Stitt says Biden’s gas tax suspension proposal won’t work



Mark Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt among those who thinks President Biden’s push for a federal gasoline tax suspension is the wrong way to solve America’s energy crisis.

“What good is it gonna do?” he said in an interview this week with Rural Oklahoma Network. “I don’t think that’s a real solution.”

The governor says Biden’s move would life only about 19 cents of federal gas tax on a gallon of $5 gasoline moving the cost down to about $4.80 per gallon.

“We have to change the policy. We have to decide as a country— let’s meet our own needs with our own resources. And here’s the deal—Oklahoma does it better than anybody,” he said in explaining his opposition to Biden’s proposal.

Gov. Stitt said the gas tax is too important for Oklahoma’s road and bridge projects, especially for the nearly $1 billion in construction he’s proposed for the next 10 years. He said he wants to make Oklahoma Top Ten state in bridges and currently the state is 7th nationally when it comes to bridge conditions.

Using the federal gasoline tax revenue, Gov. Stitt wants to help counties meet their road needs and to continue with highway widening projects from Oklahoma City to Tulsa.

“I know that they have needs. So that gas tax is so important.”

“The majority of this is the policy. They’re choking off the supply and that’s what we have to get back to and unleashing American companies and our own resources to meet our needs of real people here.”