Corporation Commission issues “phishing” warning

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State officials are warning Oklahomans about an apparent illegal “phishing” attempt to use the internet to obtain information by posing as the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

Who’s being hit the most? Oil and gas operators according to a spokesman for the Commission.

In a notice issued Wednesday, the Commission advised those receiving any email notice claiming to be from the Commission to use caution in reviewing the communication.

The Commission urged recipients to run a check list.

  1. Is this notice unusual? (i.e., not something you normally get in the course of business with the OCC.)
  2. Does it call for action on your part, particularly clicking on an embedded link?
  3. Does the notice convey the message that action must be taken quickly?
  4. Does any “from” or linked email address end with anything other than “”?
  5. Does it ask for password information?

If the answer is “yes,” the Commission advisory said recipients should not respond and to call the commission’s main number at  405-521-2211 or email  to report the email and/or ask any questions about it.

“Unfortunately, these so-called “phishing” attempts are an on-going problem impacting all sectors of our society, both public and private,” continued the Commission in its advisory.

“The agency responsible for cyber-security on the state level is kept fully informed about the problem, and takes action where possible, but there is no permanent solution.”