Other energy headlines

** The American Petroleum Institute wants to open up Florida’s coastal waters for offshore drilling, which was banned by a state constitutional amendment in 2018 and by a presidential executive order in 2020.

** Climate Adviser Gina McCarthy shut down rumors she might leave the Biden administration recently tweeting they were “simply inaccurate” and she is excited about “the opportunities ahead.”

** Chemical industry backers are challenging a recently released EPA assessment  detailing numerous health hazards from inhaling formaldehyde, including cancer.  The American Chemistry Council urged EPA not to use the draft in any decision making.

** New York Attorney General Tish James is following congressional Democrats’ lead and probing whether oil and gas companies are engaging in price gouging to profiteer off the war in Ukraine.

** U.S. liquefied natural gas producer Cheniere Energy (LNG.A)  said surging U.S. natural gas prices reflect past underinvestment followed by “a demand shock” as Europe seeks to wean itself from Russian gas, and that high prices will spur more production that will benefit consumers.

** U.S. natural gas prices surged to a 13-year high as robust demand tests drillers’ ability to expand supplies.

** Alaska lawmakers consider setting aside $2 million to fund legal challenges to Biden administration oil and gas policies.



 ** Amid a wave of countries cutting Russian energy supplies, India and China stand have taken a different approach. India and China  have continued snapping up cheap Russian energy.
** Two Libyan ports have been forced to stop loading oil after protests calling for Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah to step down spilled over into the OPEC member’s energy sector.
** Germany’s employers and unions have joined together in opposing an immediate European Union ban on natural gas imports from Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, saying such a move would lead to factory shutdowns and the loss of jobs in the bloc’s largest economy.