National Sierra Club suspends Colorado chapter

Colorado Sierra Club - YouTube


All is not well in the Colorado chapter of the Sierra Club. The Sierra Club moved this week to suspend its Colorado chapter leadership for four years, citing “harmful and non-inclusive management culture” issues.

E&E News reported the Club’s board of directors voted to put the Colorado organization under temporary leadership until 2026. The report said the national club conducted a monthslong review before making the decision to address a pattern of “inappropriate behaviors.”

“After due consideration, the Board finds suspension of the Colorado Chapter is in the best interests of Sierra Club and its members, and hereby suspends the Colorado Chapter for a period of four years,” states a copy of the resolution language the Sierra Club provided to E&E News.

The Colorado chapter did not comment about the action. The Sierra Club’s 15-member board voted 13-2 to approve the suspension.

In January, a report in the Colorado Sun indicated that suspension was looming over years of unresolved conflicts between the Colorado leadership and executive committee and volunteers. The paper reported that no one incident led to the national club’s investigation.


At the time, the national club released a statement about its probe, citing an “ongoing recurring pattern and concerns about inappropriate behavior, harmful and non-inclusive management culture, and ongoing harmful impacts that continue to be raised by internal stakeholders and documented by external professionals.”