Additional energy news headlines

** Interior’s Bureau of Land Management will hold an oil and gas lease sale in Wyoming on June 21-22, the department announced Monday. It will be the Biden administration’s first onshore lease sale and the first to use the updated lease sale provisions Interior suggested in November reported POLITICO.

** On Thursday, the Department of Transportation is expected to make an announcement related to the bipartisan infrastructure law and helping states cut transportation emissions. President Biden is also expected to visit Portland, Ore., to discuss the bipartisan infrastructure law.

** In response to the Department of Interior (DOI) announcement that it will begin issuing sale notices on Monday for new oil and gas leases, climate change activists and Indigenous advocacy groups are castigating President Biden for breaking a key campaign promise.

** The state of Kansas and a subsidiary of a North Carolina-based public company revealed a plan to build a $650 million, 500,000-square-foot, commercial-scale biomanufacturing plant near Manhattan.

** A container ship the length of more than three football fields has finally been pried from the muddy bottom of the Chesapeake Bay more than a month after it ran aground.


** Greece has seized a Russian oil tanker off the island of Evia as part of European Union sanctions imposed on Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine, the Greek coast guard said on Tuesday.