NW Arkansas highway nominated for alternative fuel corridor


Regional planners in northwest Arkansas have taken the step of nominating part of U.S. 412 as an alternative fuel corridor for electric vehicles.

The move by the Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission would focus on a 22-mile stretch of US 412 from I-49 to the state line, a segment that eventually is expected to become a future interstate highway reported the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. 

The commission plans to submit the nomination to the U.S. Department of Transportation. If approved, the section of highway would become eligible for grant money to install electric vehicle chargers. A similar designation is pending on part of U.S. 412 in Oklahoma.


“Why this is important is Arkansas is expected to receive $54 million, over five years, for an EV charging infrastructure network in the state and there’s also an opportunity for a discretionary grant program for $2.5 billion,” said Tim Conklin, the commission’s assistant director. “Being on the map is critical to participating in this program.”

According to the resolution, U.S. 412 is designated as a critical freight corridor that connects interstates 35, 44 and 49, facilitating the movement of freight, improving connectivity to national airports and inland ports, and enhancing economic development opportunities reported the Democrat-Gazette.