Honeywell Aerospace closing shop in Tulsa

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Honeywell Aerospace announced it plans to close its Tulsa operation in the next few months.

In a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification or WARN Act notice sent to Oklahoma’s Office of Workforce Development, the company said it would be permanently closing its Tulsa facility at 6930 N Lakewood Avenue.

Megan Flax, Honeywell’s HR Manager stated in the WARN notice that an exact date for closure has not been established but “it is expected that the facility closure will be complete some time in May 2022.”

She said the employment terminations would affect about 47 workers and begin May 23 of this year.

“Employees are not represented by a union and do not have bumping rights, although they may apply for other Honeywell positions,” she added.

Honeywell Aerospace is a manufacturer of aircraft engines and avionics, as well as a producer of auxiliary power units and other aviation products. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, it is a division of the Honeywell International conglomerate.

The Tulsa operation was one of 15 across the U.S.