Gasoline prices increased in Oklahoma

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While national gasoline prices appear to have stabilized, Oklahoma prices are higher in some cases and lower in others.

The American Automobile Association reports the national average of $4.24 per gallon is the same as a week ago but still higher than the $3.61 average of one month ago.

Oklahoma’s average of $3.81 is 4 cents higher than a week ago and 54 cents more than a month ago when the average was $3.27.

Oklahoma City’s average of $3.85 is two cents lower than last week while the average in Tulsa rose 9 cents in the past week to reach a new average of $3.72. Lawton still has the lowest metro average at $3.68. Lawton’s average price jumped 8 cents over the past week.

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At least six counties in the state have averages of $4 or higher. The highest average is $4.16 in Coal County followed by $4.11 in Ellis County, $4.06 in Hughes County, $4.04 in Harmon County and $4 averages in Logan and McClain Counties according to AAA.

Domestically, gasoline demand is again defying seasonal trends and has dipped for the second straight week, perhaps due to higher pump prices and consumers altering their driving habits reported AAA.

“The global oil market reflects the volatility caused by the war in Ukraine grinding onward,” said Andrew Gross, AAA spokesperson. “And with oil prices refusing to fall, the price at the pump is likewise meeting resistance at dropping further.”

Oklahoma’s average of $3.81 compares to $3.80 in Kansas, $3.99 in Colorado, $4.16 in New Mexico, $3.87 in Texas, $3.81 in Arkansas and $3.78 in Missouri.